dude, beach goth is gonna be huge this year…

30 Jul 14 at 4 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker what album is monotonia on?


Monotonia is on none of their albums, but as far as I know it will be released as a 7” single later this year.
It won’t be on Chinese Fountain either (see track list):

30 Jul 14 at 4 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker hey man, do you know if monotonia will be on their new album? hope so cause there other tracks don't impress me...

it wont be. but hey, you got a whole album to look forward to.

30 Jul 14 at 4 pm

blood-cc ticketweb.com :)

blood-cc ticketweb.com :)
30 Jul 14 at 4 pm

Asked by blood-cc

asker Hey are you a lil skeptical about this beach goth III flyer? It seems over the top idkk. A bunch of these bands aren't even part of the burger scene anymore...

hmm i think its real. tickets are gonna start selling this friday on ticketweb. also, i “liked” mr elevator & the brain hotel on facebook & they made a post with the same flyer as well. it sucks that its one day this year, though :/

AUGUST 1 at 10am!
30 Jul 14 at 11 am

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"Good Advice"
The Growlers
Chinese Fountain
(2430) plays
Listen to 'Good Advice' from The Growlers
27 Jul 14 at 2 am

Asked by encre-marine

asker anyone got spare tickets to see them in london on 16/08/2014?
26 Jul 14 at 12 pm

my (late) morning hangs.

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my (late) morning hangs.
26 Jul 14 at 11 am

Asked by ahunkydoryus

asker I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Are there any Growlers blogs youd reccomend I follow?

Thanks, man! :)